Metcon Camera for iOS

Use your camera to time and record workouts at the same time!

Time and record your workouts!

The Metcon Camera helps athletes by placing a timer right on the screen where it should be. No more limiting your camera angles to where the clock is located in your gym. Liberate your recordings with the Metcon Camera!

Great for online submissions for any and all fitness competitions and for bragging with your friends on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!

The Metcon Camera allows for introductions and on screen timer activation when you’re ready. Use the For Time, Time Cap, or Rounds settings to customize the type of timer you want to use. Also, you have the option to change the color of the timer to your liking to make your recordings standout.

New Features and Customizations are on the way! Stay Tuned!


Screen Shots




Metcon Camera Demo Test

Started a tad bit late but here is a quick demo of the Metcon Camera in action

Posted by Metcon Camera on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

App Support Information:


Please see the Metcon Camera for more details. For further inquires and support information please contact [email protected]

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