The Viral Mattie Rogers Snatch…. Failure

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - MAY 08: Mattie Rogers competes in the women's 63kg snatch weight class at the USA Olympic Team Trials for weightlifting at the Calvin L. Rampton Convention Center on May 8, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/Getty Images)

Here is the now viral Instagram video of Mattie Rogers attempting a snatch from the blocks. However, she doesn’t make the snatch and makes a second entrance to the gym.

We won’t fault her completely on this. It looks as if those blocks had some blame in this. Maybe 80/20.. The 80 percent of course going to Mattie and the 20 percent to the blocks. Maybe the gym should invest in some sort of guard rail for those delicate glass windows.

In the words of Mattie Rogers… “Happy F*cking Monday”

Happy fucking Monday 🙃

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Im sure the coaches and gym owners aren’t that mad at her however. She does end up helping clean up the mess. Maybe being an Olympic level athlete can come with some sort of “I’ll let this slide this time” type of clause.

For prosperity sake here is a successful snatch from Mattie that all glass windows can appreciate.

Solid end to the year! 2016 may have not gone the way we had envisioned, but I put everything I had into the last year and a half leading up to it. Thankful that I survived through the end of the year after a really rough patch post Olympic Trials (emphasis on the "survived"… I struggle bussed my way through it and definitely bitched a lot along the way sowwy @camargo_oly 🌚) but managed to pull out three 6 for 6's to finish off the year. I just had a lot of fun with these last few meets and did what I could do with what my body was allowing!! Time for a nice little week or two break for the first time in 2.5 years and then time to start off the 2020 quad happy and healthy!! #EarnedNotGiven #HeadDownEyesForward #TrainForLongevity – – – 97/100/103kg X 123/127/130kg Thank you to @mjbjerre for the vids!!

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