Trevor Bachmeyer banned for cheating

CrossFit Games has announced that, for the first time, that it has disqualified and banned an athlete for cheating during the CrossFit Open. Finally! The athlete in question is Trevor Bachmeyer in the Masters 40-44 division. (To be fair, he isn’t the first to cheat)

Who the hell is Trevor Bachmeyer?

Trevor is a “doctor” (aka a chiropractor) who releases a ton of mobility and instructional videos through his Instagram, facebook and youtube pages. He somehow has attained a staggering 129K worth of followers that we can only assume were from legitimate means. He also promotes himself as the CEO of a company that delivers content for the fitness industry.

Why does this matter?

Let’s get to the point… Trevor Bachmeyer cheated and was caught when submitting his videos during the CrossFit Games Open qualifying rounds. The most notable of which was his 17.5 video submission that has been making its rounds in forums and websites. A CrossFit judge determined that only a single round was performed and then repeated on a loop to give the appearance of 10 rounds.

What makes this all sting so much more is that this individual makes his living off the fitness industry by providing how-to videos and general fitness advice. This person should know better than to cheat his way to success. We all know to well there is no shortcut to being healthy and fit. People like this tarnish the sport that we work so hard to contribute to. We only hope this sends a message to anyone thinking they can “game” their way into such a prestigious competition for their own selfish pursuits. 

Remember we are a community that supports one another. Actions like this do not represent those ideals.

CrossFit HQ’s Official Response:

Trevor Bachmeyer has been banned from competing at any CrossFit-sanctioned event for four years. We have yet to see any form of apology from him.

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